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  • Does Canadian Box and Paper deliver?
    Yes, Canadian Box and Paper delivers locally on Vancouver Island once a week. Customers can also opt for 48 hour delivery for additional courrier fees (call for quote).
  • What are the accepted payment options and conditions?
    A payment option of cash, check upon delivery, or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at the time of purchase is available. If a credit application is approved, net payment can be made within 15 or 30 days.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity for warehouse pick-up orders?
    No, aside from the required minimum case pack quantities.
  • What is Canadian Box and Paper?
    Canadian Box and Paper is a 100% Canadian owned local distributor and online retailer that specializes in selling eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradabel disposable food container products for households and businesses.
  • Does Canadian Box and Paper offer a return policy for their products?
    Yes, Canadian Box and Paper offers a 30-day return policy for all their products, as long as they are in their original condition and packaging. Customers can contact Box and Paper's customer service for further information on returns.
  • Is Canadian Box and Paper's focus on sustainability and the environment?
    Yes, Canadian Box and Paper is dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment by offering products made from renewable and recycled materials, and reducing waste through the use of reusable products.
  • What are the business hours and days of operation?
    Our operating hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm, from Monday to Friday.
  • What types of products does Canadian Box and Paper offer?
    Box and Paper offers a wide range of eco-friendly, sustainable, and reusable products including but not limited to, food containers, take out boxes, debit terminal rolls, kraft paper bags, paper straws, wooden cutlery, bagasse clamshells, coffee cups and soup bowls.
  • Does Canadian Box and Paper offer shipping to other countries besides Canada?
    Currently, Canadian Box and Paper only offers shipping within Canada.
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