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Comprehensive Guide to Kraft Paper Bowls: Answering Your Questions

Kraft paper bowls are increasingly popular in the food service industry due to their eco-friendly nature and versatility. This guide answers common questions about Kraft paper bowls, providing valuable information for both consumers and businesses.

What size is the Kraft paper bowl?

Kraft paper bowls come in various sizes to suit different serving needs. Common sizes include:

  • 8 oz: Ideal for small servings of soups, salads, or side dishes.

  • 16 oz: A medium size suitable for single servings of meals, salads, or snacks.

  • 32 oz: Perfect for larger servings, such as family-sized portions, entrees, or larger salads.

The size you choose will depend on the portion size and type of food you intend to serve.

Are Kraft bowls oven safe?

Kraft paper bowls are not designed to be oven safe. The high temperatures of an oven can cause the paper to weaken, burn, or even catch fire. If you need a disposable container for oven use, consider options made specifically for high-heat applications, such as aluminum containers.

Are Kraft bowls microwave safe?

Yes, many Kraft paper bowls are microwave safe. They are designed to withstand the heat of a microwave, making them suitable for reheating food. However, it’s important to check the manufacturer's guidelines, as not all Kraft paper bowls are created equal. Look for labels or indications on the packaging that confirm microwave safety.

Are Kraft bowls compostable?

One of the significant benefits of Kraft paper bowls is their compostability. Most Kraft paper bowls are made from natural, unbleached paper and are designed to break down in composting conditions. They provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or Styrofoam containers, reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices.

To ensure that your Kraft paper bowls are compostable, check for certifications such as those from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) or other recognized standards. These certifications indicate that the bowls meet specific compostability requirements.


Kraft paper bowls offer a versatile, eco-friendly solution for serving food. They come in various sizes to accommodate different portion needs and are generally microwave safe, making them convenient for reheating. While they are not suitable for oven use, their compostable nature makes them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses. Always check product specifications and certifications to ensure you are using the right type of Kraft paper bowl for your needs.

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